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1st MTA -  Kitagawa Upgraded Rotary Table

UPGRADED ROTARY TABLE IS STRONGER AND MORE COMPACT - 1st MTA The Japanese manufacturer Kitagawa, represented in Britain and Ireland by sole sales agent 1st Machine Tool Accessories, has introduced the first in a new MK-series of general purpose rotary tables. Available to view at Machine Tool Trader please see link below.

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ESPI Scanflash at the AMRC, Sheffield

ESPI have recently installed their Scanflash measuring system at the AMRC in Sheffield. This is linked to the AMRC's Bumotec S191H 5 Axis turning centre and fully utilises ESPI's unique Tool's Driver software for Dynamic Process Control. 

As well as being the fastest measuring machine on the market today, the Scanflash is designed to operate in a shopfloor environment, and may be situated next to the machine (or machines) which it is servicing and through the Tool's Driver Software, measurement results can be analysed and directly fed back to the machine where tool offsets can be automatically compensated. 

Dynamic Process Control means no more manually intensive analysis of measurment data manual correction of the machine program. Therefore, a much tighter control on component tolerances can be acheived. 

For further information on this amazing new concept or to view this in action at the AMRC in Sheffield, please contact Vincent Borgraeve on 07398988290 or email


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Published: 26/06/2019

Acorn Childrens Hospice

Acorn Childrens Hospice

Machine Tool Trader supports Acorns children's hospice

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Published: 10/04/2019

ESPI - CHIRON Open House Event

ESPI - CHIRON Open House Event



Exclusive preview of our innovations 2019 Live machining: 1.000 cm³ per minute in steel Insightful lectures covering 5-axis precision machining and digitalization Over 30 partner booths with interesting innovations Networking with live music on Thursday, May 9th.


See Dynamic Process Control in action.

This event presents a fantastic opportunity to see the ESPI Scanflash TC linked to a Chiron Machining Centre, carrying out in process high speed measurement and feeding back measurement data to give complete process control through ESPI's unique Tools Driver Software.

This truly unique software controls the machine tool offsets automatically with zero operator intervention.


Come and see this innovative and unique solution in action. Register now by following the link

For further information, please contact: Vincent Borgraeve:






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NEW ! TOOL'S DRIVER  - offset compensation software from ESPI

NEW! TOOL’S DRIVER - offset compensation software from ESPI

The innovative new software to automatically control your machine offsets in process!

Owning the fastest machine tool in the world is of no benefit if it’s spindle is stopped waiting for control results. The more spindle up-time that can be achieved the more profitable the machine tool becomes.

Optimisation of controlling and setting up of a machine tool depends upon two essential factors:

  • Fastest availability of measurement results

  • Quickest and most accurate interpretation of these results for machine adjustment

The amazing new TOOL’S DRIVER SOFTWARE from ESPI instantly interprets the measurement data to calculate and feedback tool offset data to the machine or machines, to which it is linked.

This NEW controlling Optimisation is called Dynamic Process Control (DPC) and the benefits of incorporating this into your production cell are instantaneous, giving the immediate effect of:

  • Increased Spindle up time

  • Fewer control operations

  • Elimination of In Process Probing and hence reduction of cycle times

  • Reduction in scrap parts through continuous process control

  • Reduction in operator intervention

  • Reduced set up and changeover times

  • Manning levels are reduced

  • More reliable and robust machining processes

  • More consistent and sustained component accuracy

TOOL’S DRIVER SOFTWARE can be utilised in conjunction with ESPI’s Scanflash high Speed Control Centre - Ultra High Precision Hardware which can be introduced alongside the Machine tool or Machining cell.

With this system, controls can be made on the shop floor at unprecedented speed (10 TIMES FASTER THAN CMM’S) and instantly fed back to the TOOL’S DRIVER SOFTWARE for total Dynamic Process Control.

To hear more about the massive benefits of Dynamic Process Control – Contact Vincent Borgraeve on: 0739 89 88 290

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