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NEW ! Tool's Driver - offset compensation software from ESPI

NEW ! Tool's Driver - offset compensation software from ESPI
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NEW ! Tool's Driver - offset compensation software from ESPI
NEW ! Tool's Driver - offset compensation software from ESPI

NEW! TOOL’S DRIVER - offset compensation software from ESPI

TOOL'S DRIVER SOFTWARE can interpret measurement data from In Process Probing and automatically adjust tool offsets when required.


The innovative new software to automatically control your machine offsets in process!

The amazing new TOOL’S DRIVER SOFTWARE from ESPI instantly interprets the measurement data to calculate and feedback tool offset data to the machine control.

This NEW controlling Optimisation is called Dynamic Process Control (DPC) and the benefits of incorporating this into your production process are instantaneous, giving the immediate effect of:

  • Increased Spindle up time

  • Fewer control operations

  • Reduction in scrap parts through continuous process control

  • Reduction in operator intervention

  • Reduced set up and changeover times

  • Manning levels are reduced

  • More reliable and robust machining processes

  • More consistent and sustained component accuracy


The TOOL'S DRIVER SOFTWARE is easy to incorporate into your machine control and is easy to use with any machine, any controller and any type of measuring probe.



TOOL’S DRIVER SOFTWARE can be utilised in conjunction with ESPI’s Scanflash High Speed Control Centre - Ultra High Precision Hardware which can be introduced alongside the Machine tool or Machining cell.

With this system, controls can be made on the shop floor at unprecedented speed (10 TIMES FASTER THAN CMM’S) and instantly fed back to the TOOL’S DRIVER SOFTWARE for total Dynamic Process Control.

Owning the fastest machine tool in the world is of no benefit if it's spindle is stopped waiting for control results. The more spindle up-time that can be achieved the more profitable the machine tool becomes.

Optimisation of controlling and setting up of a machine tool depends upon two essential factors:

  • Fastest availability of measurement results

  • Quickest and most accurate interpretation of these results for machine adjustment


When used in conjunction with TOOL'S DRIVER SOFTWARE, the ESPI SCANFLASH HIGH SPEED CONTROL CENTRE gives you total process control at a cycle time that will be hard to beat.

To view a video of the Scanflash at the AMRC, Sheffield please clink on link below.

To hear more about the massive benefits of Dynamic Process Control – Contact Vincent Borgraeve on: 0739 89 88 290




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